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128Kbps Lifesize equipments can display at this resolution, (400x244pixels) Widescreen FCIF

At 384Kbps (912x512pixels) for Cable TV

It is simple. What if this "magical-do-it-all-technology" came in the form of a Contact Management Software?

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Hello. Welcome to the Website for County Security Installations Limited.
We supply, fit and service all types of security systems for your home or business, including:

Intruder Alarm Systems  ------  CCTV Cameras  ------  Security Lighting  -----  Access Control Systems

Video Intercom Systems   --- Personal Emergency Response Systems    --- Safes /Locks ---    Gate automation

Our alarm systems can call your mobile phone to alert you of an activation.
Our cameras systems can be seen via your smart phone or laptop wherever you have an internet connection or GSM signal.

Free security survey and quotation.

For all security enquiries please: email or call Peter Dalton - 07952 317 297

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